Slime Tube Sealant Bottle with hose

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Never worry about flat tyres again with the Slime Tube Sealant! Don't let punctures interfere with your cycling adventures – this marvelous sealant can identify and seal tube punctures up to 3mm instantly. It's like having a bike mechanic in a bottle, guarding you against unexpected flats for up to two years!

  • As soon the puncture happens, the patented Slime sealant rushes to the site. The escaping air pressure forces the sealant into the puncture, where it amalgamates to create a long-lasting, flexible plug. Your air loss is promptly halted, preventing a flat tyre situation.
  • Suitable for safeguarding up to four tubes, thus bringing protection to both your front and rear tyres – and even spare ones.
  • Safe and eco-friendly – it's non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable, making it secure for use and for the environment.
  • It thrives under all temperature ranges, from a frosty -37?C to a blistering 82?C, so whether you're cycling in the winter chill or the summer heat, Slime is continuing the fight against flats.
  • The sealant employs the advanced Fibro-Seal technology to offer the ultimate puncture solution.
  • The bottle cap doubles as a valve core removal tool, bringing added convenience.
  • Remember, it requires air to work its magic.

Note: For best results, please use Slime formula in a tubed tyre. It isn't designed for tubeless tyres or for highway speeds over 45 mph. This robust solution is ideally designed for tread area punctures and isn't recommended for repairing sidewall punctures, snake bites, or gashes from metal or glass.

Curious to know how it works? Check out the demonstration video below:

Colours Green
Sizes 473ml/16oz
Brand Slime
Model Year 2024
Barcodes 716281001895
SKUs / Part Numbers SLI10026

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