Park Tools BKD12 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit For DOT Fluid

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Unleash optimal performance and longevity from your bike's hydraulic brakes with the 'BKD12 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit For DOT Fluid' from Park Tools. This comprehensive kit is impeccably crafted to bleed most models of DOT fluid-based hydraulic disc brakes, including those made by SRAM®, Formula®, Hayes® and Hope® - a paramount maintenance tool for every avid cyclist.

With the thorough bleeding process, this kit effectively purges air bubbles and expels contaminants from the braking system. The result? Enhanced hydraulic braking performance and increased component lifespan.

Going beyond basic maintenance, the 'BKD12 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit' boasts exceptional durability and versatility. It is designed to withstand daily commercial use and includes two syringes, hoses with shut-off clips, multi-size bleed blocks, and our unique mountable syringe holders. It also comes with multiple hose fittings to suit the various standards found on hydraulic bicycle brake systems. Even better, each part of this top-of-the-range kit is replaceable and readily available from Park Tool, ensuring you a hassle-free upkeep experience.

Your kit will be securely housed within a robust and compact storage case, superb for convenient mobility and secure storage.

Kit Includes:

  • Two 20ml syringes
  • Two hose assemblies with shut-off clips
  • Two 10mm, 11mm, and 12mm universal bleed blocks
  • Two adjustable syringe holders
  • Manufacturer-specific adaptors for SRAM® M5 fittings, Bleeding Edge, and universal M6 fittings

For a visual aid on using this product, check out our informative tutorial video.

Upgrade your biking performance and maintenance with the 'BKD12 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit For DOT Fluid' from Park Tools. Because every brake deserves the best care.

Colours Black
Brand Park Tools
Model Year 2024
Barcodes 763477001481
SKUs / Part Numbers QKBKD12

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