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Bicycle Repairs and Servicing

We operate on a booking in system so please call 0116 2707936/0116 2709094 or use the email form below to confirm an appointment before bringing your cycle in.

All work undertaken is accountable, and we keep a record of all the work carried out on your bike to ensure you get the most out of the manufactures guarantees. All cycles must be cleaned before being dropped off for service. Any cycle that is excessively dirty and requires our technicians to clean will incurr an extra charge. This is for the health and safety of our staff. Thank you.

Our service menu explains what we can offer within each service category. If your requirements are more specific we are delighted to discuss your repair in detail. Bikes must be brought in by 10:30AM on the day of the service. If brought in any later then the bike maybe turned away. Bikes can be dropped in the night before, if this is more convinient.

Basic Service - £35 (plus parts)

Recommended for new bikes no more than 6 months old

 • Gears and brakes adjusted

• Chain checked and lubricated

• Wheels & tyres inspected for wear

• Full safety check

Intermediate Service - from £65.00 (plus parts)

( Basic service plus )

Recommended for bikes 6 - 12 months old depending on use

BOTTOM BRACKET • Checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary

DRIVE TRAIN  (chain, cassette and chainset) • Removed, cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated

BRAKES • Checked for effective operation and adjusted

WHEELS • Hubs and rims checked for damage and wear

                  • Bearings checked for free movement and adjusted (if applicable)

                  • Wheels trued and spokes tensioned

HEADSET • Checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary

Elite service - from £125 (plus parts)

( Intermediate service plus )

FRAME & FORKS • Frame cleaned and checked for alignment and damage, threads cleaned and checked

                                 • Frame and disc mounts faced (if applicable)

WHEELS • Hubs disassembled, cleaned, inspected and reassembled

HEADSET • Removed, cleaned, regreased (if applicable), refitted & checked for movement (replacement fitted if necessary)

BOTTOM BRACKET • Removed, cleaned, regreased (if applicable), refitted & checked for movement (replacement fitted if necessary)

All bikes are road tested.

Specialists Wheel Truing Service - from £25

For Carbon, Aero, Electric-E hub wheels etc

New parts fitted will be charged over and above the Basic Service charge

Disc Brake Bleeding - £20.00

Bleeding Of The Brake System
Price Per Brake

Bottom Bracket Fitting - £25.00

Facing Of Frame
Fitting Of Bottom Bracket

Puncture Repair - from £10.99

Replacing Old Inner Tube With New Inner Tube

Headset Fitting - £30.00

Fitting of headset Includes Facing of frame

Fork Service - £45.00

Servicing to most makes of forks Excludes cost of parts

Pannier Rack Fitment - £10.00

Mudguard Fitting - £15.00

Wheel Truing - From £15.00

Dependent on type of wheel

Parts Not Included Price Per Wheel

Bottom Bracket Fitment - £20.00

Including front mech adjustment

Electronic Gearing - £25.00

Update firmware and set up gears using the Shimano DI2 interface.